In a British psychiatric hospital died of “swamp killer”

Ian Brady

One of the pair of “swamp murderers” Ian Brady who with his girlfriend Myra Hindley abducted and murdered five children, he died in prison at the age of 79 years. About it reports BBC News.

“For us, for the families of the murdered children, it was years of pain and despair (…) But his death will not change anything. He’s dead, but we still have to live in the nightmare that he created,” — said the brother of one of the victims.

Brady was jailed in 1966 after he was found guilty of three murders, he later confessed in two. Since 1985, he was in a psychiatric hospital gated Ashworth.

In 1999, a man staged a hunger strike, demanding that he be allowed to die. However, Brady force-fed, as he considered him as a person with a mental disorder.

Beloved Brady died in prison in 2002.

In the 1960-ies they made a series of resonant murders. Among the victims, five teenagers aged 10 to 17 years. Four of them were buried in the swamp Saddleworth, in connection with this crime couple called “swamp murders”.

It is noted that the location of the fifth body — 12-year-old Keith Bennett, Brady never revealed, despite numerous requests of relatives of the murdered child.