The white house has called the DPRK a threat to Russia and China

Press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer said that North Korea threatens the US allies in the region as well as Russia and China. This opinion he expressed during a briefing, answering a reporter’s question about Washington’s position regarding North Korea carried out the next tests of a ballistic missile.

“We encourage everyone, especially Beijing and Moscow to make every effort in terms of sanctions to resolve the situation and return stability to the Korean Peninsula,” added Spicer.

The DPRK on Sunday, may 14, held once again conducted a missile test. The projectile traveled approximately 800 kilometers and fell into the sea of Japan. According to the Russian defense Ministry, the flight path “passed in the direction from the border of the Russian Federation and at a considerable distance”.

Later, President Vladimir Putin said that the launch posed no threat to Russia. “This, of course, provokes the development of the conflict, and nothing good is not”, — stated the head of state at a press conference following his visit to China. He added that Moscow considers North Korean nuclear or missile tests are unacceptable.