Kiev imposes an alternative “channel format”


RIA NOVOSTI/stringer

Kiev is trying to create a parallel of the “Normandy four” format, without the participation of Russia, but the US and EU representatives. This “Izvestia” said diplomatic sources in Ukraine. This initiative, Ukrainian foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin discussed with the American President Donald trump. And after went to Brussels, where, probably, will try to convince European partners to support the idea. To join the coalition, according to Kiev, have USA, Germany, France and other European countries. Moscow in this list does not appear. At the same time in the Verkhovna Rada “news” said: despite the desire of Kiev to create “alternative format”, the problems of the South-East of the country will not solve it.

According to diplomatic sources of “News” in Kiev, Ukraine is extremely concerned about the interest of Washington the problem of Donbass. To engage the US in a settlement and drag from the “channel format” Germany and France, negotiations for the creation of a parallel forum. However, without Russia. Another thing is that Germany and France are unlikely to agree to push “channel four” on the second plan. Besides the option of joining the Americans, the Quartet also excluded, and not least because of the position of Berlin and Paris who do not want to lose political weight. Interestingly, the formation of an alternative group would be a de facto recognition by Ukraine of the fact that Russia is not a party to the conflict.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said that his meeting with Donald trump — “one of the main political signals real desire to join the pressure on Russia”. According to him, during the conversation with the American leader appeared “interesting ideas”, which, however, must be coordinated with “partners” — the leadership of Germany and President-elect of France.

However, in the Verkhovna Rada “news” reported that not everyone shares the course of the foreign Ministry of the country.

He (Pavlo Klimkin) makes incorrect statements. Between America and Russia has its own relations, and Klimkin cannot change them or influence them. Ukraine needs peace. So as not killing children, civilians, not collapsed house, was not displaced. Political and economic chaos can be stopped only through negotiations with Russia, USA and Europe, — has told “news” the Deputy of Rada from the “Opposition bloc” Bakhteyeva.

According to the analyst, President of the center of system analysis and forecasting Rostislav Ishchenko, although the US will put pressure on Russia, but not in the Ukrainian direction, whatever may be said Pavlo Klimkin. This means that neither “format” nor in other parallel structures in the Ukraine, the United States will not participate.

— They are now the main question — how break-even or minimal losses to withdraw “from Ukraine”. The Ukrainian problem is one of the minor “chips” on the global chessboard. They already tried to shift responsibility for Ukraine on Germany. Washington can negotiate directly with Moscow. And multilateral formats will have to accommodate the wishes of its allies. Thus for American diplomacy narrowed the space for maneuver. The multilateral framework was in their best interests in 2014-2015 to a big company to “push” one Russia, and now everything has changed, — said “news” analyst.

The Ukrainian problem at the moment is stalled. The Minsk agreement is still not implemented, and the blame for this lies with the Kiev. Regular meetings of the contact group in the Belarusian capital to particular specifics don’t lead: a truce is immediately broken, the withdrawal of heavy weapons APU is more. “Norman Quartet”, of course, could be back at the negotiating table and for several hours to discuss a settlement but not yet delivered to the “Minsk-2”, meaning that no one sees. And yet it seems that Kiev is ready to implement its part of the agreement, and therefore, the simulation of the turbulent unlikely to be an effective solution. So Ukraine is trying to get out of the sleeve of the “American trump card”, which there are, apparently, actually no.