In “Yandex” has updated information about the cooperation with CEC


RIA Novosti

“Yandex” is not planning to create a service for finding polling stations or a separate map with them together with the Central election Commission of Russia. This is stated in comments to the press-service of the company, arrived in edition “” on Monday, may 15.

It stressed that proper service “Yandex” already now it is possible to find the polls. “We are discussing with the CEC participation in the affiliate program “Yandex.Of reference” to increase the completeness and accuracy of the display on “Yandex.Maps” of the CEC offices and polling stations”, — stated in the message.

The company also said that a similar proposal aimed at including and other organizations — both private and public.

Earlier on Monday, citing the Deputy Chairman of the CEC of Nikolay bulaeva, it was reported that the Agency, together with Yandex, will develop a map of polling stations for presidential elections to be held in 2018.

20 Mar “Izvestia” wrote that the Central election Commission and “Yandex” to discuss the possibility of creating a mobile application that helps voters to find a suitable for their land. Bulaev said that this information was premature, and said that the team have discussed the possibility of participating agencies in the program “Yandex.The directory”. Information denied to the press service of “Yandex”.