Found the most littered area in the world

Found the most littered area in the world

Found territory with the world’s maximum density of plastic debris on its surface. She was one of the most secluded and hidden from man Islands in the world. About the discovery reported in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

We are talking about the island of Henderson, located at a distance of 5000 kilometers from major population centers. It is so hard that people (researchers) are on it only every five to ten years. However, the island is located almost in the center of the South Pacific system of currents, making it a center of attraction for rubbish, coming from South America or discharged floating on the ocean ships.

During the last expedition to the island of Henderson Jennifer Lavers and her colleagues at the University of Tasmania found that the concentration of plastic trash on the beaches comes to 671 units per square metre — the maximum density of the recorded in the world. Every day on the shores of the island the waves throw more 3570 new fragments, and the total weight of garbage on the island, according to scientists, is 17 tons.

The researchers emphasize that their figures underestimate the scale of the disaster, as they failed to examine the cliffs and rocky shore of the island. They also remind that more than 300 million tons of plastic (from what in the world is produced per year) not recycled and end up in the oceans.