Fears for the harvest courgettes virtual forced residents of Novosibirsk to pay the alimony

In Novosibirsk the man has paid back child support in the amount of 54 thousand rubles out of fear for virtual garden simulator farm once arrested his iPhone 7. This was reported on the website of the regional Department of the Federal bailiff service.

It is noted that the man refused to pay, since I was sure that the mother of his eight-year-old son spends all his money on himself and not investing them in the development of the child.

The value of the seized smartphone completely covered the debt. “The debtor stated that he needed like air. Without it, the personal life of the defaulter would go to pieces, partners will not be able to call, and fresh planting zucchini in one of the popular simulator farm rot before the man has time to collect it”, — stated in the message of management. Half an hour later, the debtor brought the required amount to the police officers.

Two weeks later, the woman again told the officers that the man had not paid child support on time. Fearing a possible visit of an expert to evaluate the property, the debtor said that just got a formal job. A few hours later he provided a receipt on payment of the alimony.

It is clarified that after the incident means the child began to deduct from the wages of the men.

In August 2016, a resident of Dagestan has repaid the debts for traffic violations after bailiffs arrested his mobile phone, with which he caught the pokemon in the game Pokemon GO. Behind the man were seven debts of more than 13 thousand rubles. The man returned the entire amount during the day.