Israel demanded White house to clarify the statement about the Western Wall

Israel demands from the White house explanations regarding the statements of the American diplomat as saying that the Western Wall in the Old city is part of the occupied West Bank of the Jordan river. About it reports Reuters.

“We are convinced that this statement is contrary to the policy [of the us President Donald] trump’s (…) Israel has already achieved understanding with the US on this issue”, — quotes Agency the words of one of the representatives of the Cabinet of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The white house has not yet commented on the words of the American diplomat involved in preparations for the visit of US President Donald trump in Israel.

Channel 2 of Israeli television earlier, citing a US official said that the visit of the American leader to the Western Wall will be closed to officials. In particular, it was noted that Israel has no legal authority in this area, and the U.S. side denies joint visit to the Western Wall trump and Netanyahu.

On Friday, may 19, the trump will go to his first foreign trip since taking the office of President of the United States. He will pay an official visit to Saudi Arabia, Israel, Italy, and the West Bank of the Jordan river.