Zakharov about the history of photography in the White house: the theme of Russia remains heated in the United States


RIA Novosti

The reaction of the American media to take photographs of the meeting of the President of the United States Donald trump and Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at the White house, says that the theme of Russia is in America warmed up. This was stated by the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova in the program “Vesti on Saturday” on TV channel “Russia 1”.

“Here there is a simple truth: this is political showdown in the United States. They will not end, unfortunately, and most importantly, that at a certain point they will get a new round in the beginning of the new electoral cycle, namely in the legislative bodies of the US government”, — leads her words TASS.

Zakharov drew attention to the fact that the photos of the trump meeting with the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin discussed in the press not so active. So, the media had no questions about who was taking pictures and why they published the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine, but did not publish the White house.

“The theme of Russia, given that it was heated even when Obama’s team and Clinton, will be one of the Central problems in the new electoral cycle,” — said the official representative of the foreign Ministry.

Earlier, Maria Zakharova commented on the situation, with photographs of the meeting, trump and Lavrov.

May 10 Sergey Lavrov arrived in the United States, where he met with President Donald trump and Secretary of state, Rex Tillerson.