Airports of Moscow are ready to run the inspection on the e-ticket via your smartphone

Airports of Moscow are ready to run the inspection on the e-ticket via your smartphone

The airports of the Moscow aviation hub (Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo and Vnukovo) is ready to introduce equipment, allowing passengers to pass a preflight inspection on an e-ticket with your smartphone, told RNS in airports.

The relevant amendments to the order of Ministry of transport, passengers simplify the process of passage to the aircraft, allowing to use the electronic boarding pass without necessarily printing out paper copies, should enter into force in August this year. But as said, the RNS in the Ministry of transport while the document is under public discussion.

As follows from the substantiation to the project, the legislation provides two contradictory rules. According to one of the electronic boarding pass has the same legal effect as that printed on paper. And on the other normal customers are required to have the stamp of the examination on a paper ticket. Therefore, the amendments are expected to eliminate this conflict.

Vnukovo told RNS that the airport has all the necessary equipment to use electronic boarding passes and the organization of services in accordance with the IATA FastTravel initiatives. Domodedovo also has such a system and currently it is testing. “When will gain the ability to use stamps instead of a printed barcode on mobile devices will depend on the amendments to order of Ministry of transport,” — said the representative of the RNS airport.

Sheremetyevo international airport is using equipment for reading electronic boarding passes since February this year in the domestic departures area of Terminal D. this equipment provides the scanning of paper and electronic boarding documents at the same time.

“This is a test project, it is implemented in the framework of a comprehensive system of measures for the development of information technology. The final step will be fully automated boarding gate to the plane. The project is implemented in order to reduce the time of passage of preflight procedures, better control of verification of documents and control of finding passengers in the terminals,” said Director of public relations Sheremetyevo Anna zaharenkova.

To use electronic boarding passes abroad began in 2007, while in Moscow in 2013-2014 only started the experiment on the passage of passengers through check-in without boarding passes. “Four years ago, in September 2013, Vnukovo airport has successfully tested the technology service using the electronic boarding pass: flight to Sochi and then flew the first passenger to use an electronic boarding pass on the smartphone screen”, — told in a press-service Vnukovo.