Living illegally in UAE Russians arrested for someone else’s documents

The police car UAE

The court of first instance of the largest city of the United Arab Emirates — Dubai — recognized citizen of Russia guilty of using someone else’s ID and was arrested for three months. About it reports on Sunday, may 14, Gulf News.

After the sentence of a man deported to his homeland.

According to the publication, the 32-year-old Russian was detained in March. During the interrogation, he tried to impersonate a student and showed someone else’s ID card, issued to the citizen of Kyrgyzstan.

After checking in the electronic system, the police learned that kyrgyzstanets left the country for seven months before. The Russians admitted that they had used false documents when illegally living in the UAE since 2004.

It is noted that the court found the man guilty of violating the country’s law on entry and stay and fined. What amount should pay to the citizen of Russia, not specified.

In March it was reported that during the first months of 2017 Russian tourists to Dubai have shown explosive growth. Since February, Russian tourists can obtain a visa on arrival in UAE. Previously it had to be processed through the Internet, its cost was 85 euros.