Andrey Malakhov has called on the rap-duel from-for the conflict to “Let them talk”

Blogger Ruslan Tulentsev, known under the nickname CrazyMegaHell, released a video in defense came on the show to speak with the colleagues of Anastasia Shpagina in which he called leading the transfer of Andrei Malakhov “pig” and challenged him to a rap battle Versus BPM. For two days the video has gained more than 850 thousand views.

Tulentsev accused Malakhova that the authors of the transmission during installation cut out many important points, and the host is caught Shpagina in the imposition of the fans opinions. In response, she promised that after the show aired from bloggers “will burn the ass”.

In the end CrazyMegaHell suggested “actively climbing on the Internet” leading to solve the conflict with a rap battle on the popular project Verus-battle. Blogger also launched the hashtag #malachowski, that the day got to the top of Russian Twitter.

The release of “Let them talk” by Anastasia Shpagina aired may 11. In this blogger and several of the girls accused plastic surgeon in the conduct substandard operations, and Shpagina complained of threats after the publication of the rollers with the criticism of the doctor.