Near Murmansk the ambulance with the woman in labor get to the hospital ten hours

Near Murmansk the ambulance with the laboring woman ten hours to get to the hospital because of the snow. As reported RIA Novosti, the patient had to take from Teriberka in the hospital for 120 miles, as the qualified medical help in the village to not possible.

An ambulance managed to reach mothers, but on the way back the car got stuck in the snow, where it remained three nights until nine in the morning. All this time they tried to break the machinery.

On arrival at the hospital around noon, the woman successfully gave birth to a girl. The chief of the Kola Central regional hospital said that the medical team worked professionally. According to him, this is the first time in his memory, when the ambulance was carrying a patient for so long.

April 8, at the inhabitant of Volgograd has passed a heart attack during a trip in the ambulance on rough roads. Doctors later said that also with drive in the pits and bumps can to alleviate the suffering of patients with kidney stones — “time was such that on arrival they simply go out.”