Shoushi bully ripped from pensioner in Dzerzhinsk St. George ribbon

Investigatory management of investigatory Committee of Russia (TFR) in the Nizhny Novgorod region conducts a review of local media publications that the unknown young man in the Day of Victory ripped from pensioner a ribbon, shouting Nazi slogans and raising their arms in the Nazi salute. About it reports a press-Department service.

It is reported that the alleged bully was overtaken by a pensioner on the way to the store. Tearing it with a ribbon, he ran away. Local media, citing the grandson of the victim reported that she experienced a moral shock.

After clarification of all circumstances of the incident will be a procedural decision.

In April 2016 the management of one of schools of Rostov-on-don called on the carpet several students after they have posted on social networks a picture in which they show a gesture similar to the Nazi salute. The students explained the act they invented the game of “Show me the sun”, which the team quickly pointing at the sun.