The court suspended the activities of the party “Democratic choice”

Russia’s Supreme court has suspended the activities of the party “Democratic choice” for three months. It is reported by TASS on Thursday, may 11.

According to the materials of the case, a complaint on a party the court asked the Ministry of justice. According to the Ministry, the party has never since registration in 2012 did not submit reports on its activities, including the number of members and participation in the elections.

The representative of the political Association admitted all charges and asked the court to suspend the activities of the “Democratic choice” not for three months, and six months. “We consider this measure as an opportunity to focus on carrying out the necessary activities to fulfill the requirements of justice,” he said.

At the end of January suspended the activities of the Kamchatka branch of the “Russian Socialist party” due to the fact that it is not sent to the justice Ministry information about the change of representative.

The movement “Democratic choice” was transformed into an independent party in 2012, before it was part of the people’s freedom Party (now — PARNAS). At the end of 2015, “Democratic choice” because of inner conflicts left the head of the Association Vladimir Milov. Now the party’s activities focused on protest activity in Moscow, stated on its official website.