CNN learned about the threat of explosion on Board the plane trump

One of two aircraft VC-25, which flies the US President Donald trump could ignite or explode in the air due to the negligence of the mechanics of Boeing, announced may 12, CNN TV channel with reference to the report of the Federal government.

The report says that several mechanics have performed maintenance on “air force one” (Air Force One) at the Boeing company in San Antonio in April 2016 and with the use of contaminated tools for working with oxygen equipment VC-25. In the result, the oxygen equipment of the presidential Board also were contaminated and that, as CNN notes, could cause fire or explosion during flight.

Made over a year ago, the violations became known after one of the mechanics reported malpractice to the authorities. After that, according to the channel, Boeing purified oxygen equipment at his own expense. Damage to the presidential Board was estimated at four million dollars.

Donald trump flies on two VC-25. Aircraft built on the basis of long-haul double-deck wide-body Boeing 747.

In January 2017, the media learned about the damage of the aircraft of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Il-96-300. In November 2016, the Il-96, which flew to Peru for the APEC summit, the journalists and members of the Russian delegation, broke down in Lisbon, where it was refueling. As a result, the passengers had to be sent to the destination by the backup Board.