The government approved a law on telemedicine

The government approved a law on telemedicine

At the government session on may 11 approved the draft law on telemedicine. Now the document sent to the Duma. After its adoption, physicians can diagnose patients and write prescriptions remotely.

The government on Thursday, may 11, approved a bill on telemedicine, told RBC two sources who attended the meeting. The Commission on legislative activities endorsed the document a day earlier, on may 10. Now, the government will introduce the initiative to the state Duma.

The bill provides for medical care with the use of telemedicine technologies listed on the government website.

This means that he will permit remote consultation of doctors, healthcare workers and patients via the Internet. Doctors can monitor patients ‘ health at a distance, to write electronic prescriptions and help.

Another innovation is the creation of a Unified state information system in healthcare. It will connect the information systems of all healthcare organizations and relevant state agencies, will allow for standardized electronic medical records, and registers of individuals with specific diseases. “It will be easier to keep records, plan and distribution of drugs and loading of those or other treatment rooms. Secondly, what is also very important, access to required patient information will be possible from any medical institution. Will not need to carry a stack of papers, if, for example, have a referral to another clinic or if the person or family moved to another city,” — said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at the government meeting on 11 may.

Approaches which are contained in the bill will be introduced in stages, said in a written statement Minister for Open government Mikhail Abyzov, received RBC. “First and foremost, the technology of telemedicine will be used for advanced pilot regions, such as Tatarstan, and then be scaled in other regions,” he said.

The document the government introduced the Ministry of health in December 2016. The Agency prepared in conjunction with experts in information technology. Later bill was finished and the government. It was agreed with other agencies, including FAS, the Ministry of Finance and Minekonomrazvitija, the Expert Council under the Open government, told RBC member of the expert Council under the government of Vladimir Gurdus. The bill was also sent for approval to the power Department.

In a press-service of the Ministry of health noted that the revision did not affect the main provisions of the bill. After the adoption of the document the Ministry will approve the procedure of organization and holding of remote consultations and consultation, including the rules of identification of participants noticed in the Department.

Remote consultation by doctors — adequate measure to improve the availability of medical aid, told RBC member of the Duma Committee on health protection Fedot Tumusov. The main thing is to distinguish the cases in which telemedicine can be used and when it is better to consult a doctor in person or call for an ambulance.