Bondarchuk accused in the collapse of prices for apartments in Chertanovo

Bondarchuk accused in the collapse of prices for apartments in Chertanovo

A resident of the Moscow district requests the Director to reimburse him for the damage. He claims that after the release of the movie “Gravity” the price of his apartment in Chertanovo decreased by one and a half million rubles.

The Question opened the collection of user questions for the interview with Fedor Bondarchuk, the Director of the film “Gravity”, filmed in Chertanovo. Among the complaints about the film, voiced after painting in January, a number of critics pointed to the overly negative image of the district Chertanovo.

According to some reviewers, this is a quiet residential area in “Gravity” looks like a ghetto. And here is how the question sounds to Fyodor Bondarchuk, one of the users of the portal The Question:

Did you know that after the release of “Gravity” of my apartment in North Chertanovo, where he was shot, fell half a million rubles? Are you going to compensate me for the damage?

Could the movie really have an impact on the prices of apartments in the area where it was filmed painting?

Dmitry Taganov
head of the analytical center “INKOM-real Estate”

Film6.7Притяжение2017 / Russia / 2 hrs 12 min. fiction

“We observed for the period from December to end of April, the decline in Northern Chertanovo district 1.3% of the price. This in General corresponds approximately to mos-cow rate of decline in prices, especially now that the market is influenced much more serious factors such as: economic crisis, season. And to say that the film influenced, I would not. In the history of real estate development has always been some parallel to objective factors, that is, either it’s seasonality, again, either it’s global market trends on the decline or on the increase or it is some local events, i.e. the opening of the metro stations, discovery stations CIP, the closure of metro stations, there construction some. These factors do impact significantly on the price dynamics in the area, but the film or is there still some local event, affecting only a narrow target audience, I wouldn’t say that. In Chertanovo now the apartments are about 170 thousand per square meter, that is, in General, for the period we are discussing, the price decreased by two thousand, and consistent all-Moscow trend. Prices, as you know, now also falling on the Moscow market. Somewhere more, somewhere less. To two thousand and resulted in half a million, it must be a certain square. Probably unlikely in Chertanovo such price dynamics”.

User account The Question, to demand from Fyodor Bondarchuk and a half million rubles, bound to an empty page in Facebook. To verify the accuracy of information is not possible.

However, while publication remains the most popular among the custom questions to Fyodor Bondarchuk in the Question. In the movie “Gravity” in Chertanovo lands a huge alien ship, and the government is administered in the area of emergency. For the first month, the film grossed more than a billion rubles.