Registry offices began to formally record the time of death of the person

Registry offices began to formally record the time of death of the person

“The Russian newspaper” publishes the order of the Ministry of justice, which amends the rules for filling out the forms Registrar.

Themselves new forms were approved last year.

The main current innovation: now they will be fixed even after the death of the man, that is hours and minutes.

The fact is that until last fall the time of opening of the inheritance determined by the person’s date of death. And hours, and minutes that were hit last breath, had no special significance. But from 1 September of last year the rules changed: the time of opening of the inheritance can be determined not only by day, but by the time of his death. Moreover, the moment can be determined not only by the hour, but minutes, seconds.

Sometimes, seconds depend on it, in what order to inherit.

For example, if the result of a car accident at the same time die husband and wife, who have parents, and the time of their death cannot be determined, then the property of the wife inherit her parents and the property of the husband, respectively the father and mother.

If it is established that the husband died before the wife, albeit only for a few hours, the share of the inheritance, which was claimed to be his wife will go to her parents.

If the simultaneous deaths of the citizens the time of death to determine not possible, the inheritance will be held by each of the deceased by his heirs.

At the same time, if the Registrar or the court the time of death is determined, in this case “the share of the survivor of the testator in the inheritance of the deceased before will be taken into account and inherited by heirs of the testator, who died last.”

This innovation will not affect the order of succession.

Still, as before, is required to issue the law of succession with the notary at the last place of residence of a deceased citizen, the timing of registration of rights of inheritance and powers of notaries has not changed.

How to tell the experts, now in each notarial district operates a system of registration of hereditary Affairs “Inheritance without borders”. This means that the heirs may apply for registration of their rights of inheritance to any notary in the territory of a particular notarial district.

“Almost three years ago — July 1, 2014 — the beginning of a unified information system of notaries, — told “RG” in the Federal notarial chamber. Accordingly from this date details of all wills entered in and stored in it. As well as information about inheritance Affairs.” But old wills executed prior to the introduction of the electronic system needs to be in the database.

Now the notary is preparing to introduce an information system second generation: now it will be fixed absolutely all notarial acts in the country. The fraudsters, making their Scam using fake documents, you should consider a change of profession. So how to fake notarized documents will become meaningless: any paper issued by a notary will be checked against the electronic database. Big changes in the field of network monitoring have already begun. This year the online service of checking warrants on the website of the Federal notary chamber.

The possibility of prompt verification of documents successfully used by state agencies. As reported by “RG” in the chamber of notaries, the Federal tax service no longer requires that the notary has certified the signature of the applicant filed on the statements on the traditional protected form. Again, this is important: the tax service is optional to bring a special form. It will be sufficient to submit a plain paper. No watermarks, holograms and other decorations for the sake of security. The tax authorities have the possibility to verify the authenticity of the document. Paper form is protected Blanca is losing relevance.

The heirs could obtain their rights at any notary on-site notary district.

Another innovation recently introduced the principle of extraterritoriality provision of notarial services within the same region. Therefore, for the identity of a real estate transaction can contact any notary for the area where is located this property. For example, in Moscow region apartment, which is located in Orekhovo-Zuevo, you can get through a notary in Odintsovo.

Vladislav Kulikov