Dolphins seaside aquarium are taught to paint

Dolphins seaside aquarium are taught to paint

The dolphins Bob and Bonia living in the seaside aquarium, learned how to paint. Now animals show their artistic abilities, said the press service of the Primorsky aquarium.

Like a real animal artists paint pictures on an easel with brushes, which the coach previously dips into the paint and gives the dolphins. For drawing use safe non-toxic gouache, with which the animals steadily write lines and dots.

“This is not the most difficult exercise. First you need to learn to hold their brush, so they didn’t. Then show the hand motion smoothly, the dolphins begin to trail head. Then add the paint and substitute the easel. Here the most difficult to teach, that they were driven brush”, — says the coach of bottlenose dolphins Aurika Knaus.

According to her, to find a common language with dolphins is very simple: it needs to be sincere and open in communicating with animals.

Today in the Arsenal of a pair of bottlenose dolphins Boni and Vasey about 25 elements. Favorite classes of animals — exercises with balls and jump, said the Agency PrimaMedia.

Scientific-educational complex “Primorsky aquarium” on the island of Russian was opened in September 2016. The main building area of 35 thousand square meters, can accommodate 500 aquariums with 500 species of fish and mammals. In the Oceanarium you can see the inhabitants of the Russian waters of Japan, Okhotsk, Bering sea, lake Baikal, Amur river and Khanka lake, the cold polar oceans, warm tropical rivers and seas. The aquarium is in structure of the Russian Academy of Sciences and is intended primarily for research.