Hacker spoke about proposed for the recognition of the burglary Clinton deal

Hacker spoke about proposed for the recognition of the burglary Clinton deal

According to the arrested in Prague, accused of stealing data of companies from the US the Russians, during interrogation they asked him to admit that he was “on the orders of Putin” in the interests of the trump hacked your email, Hillary Clinton.

Arrested in Prague Evgeny Nikulin, whose extradition is being requested, the U.S. government, said about the attempts to convince him to take responsibility for hacking the email of a candidate for the U.S. presidency from the Democratic party Hillary Clinton. A letter describing interrogation in which he was made to these proposals, contained in a Czech prison, the Russians gave the Prague edition of the TV channel “Real time”.

Arrested in the Czech Republic Evgeny Nikulin has described the US proposal to admit to hacking in order Путинаhttps://t.co/TFZQ56B1cV pic.twitter.com/QhN1oKntW9

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The paper argues that for the first time such a proposal was made by an unknown person Nikulin calls himself “an Agent,” during the interrogation, held in mid-November of 2016, a few days after the USA presidential elections, won by Republican Donald trump.

“You’ll have to say that you broke my Inbox Hillary Clinton for D. trump on the orders of Vladimir Putin, you must agree to the extradition to the US, then we will drop all the charges will give you a flat and money, U.S. citizenship,” describes done, “Agent” proposal in a letter Nikulina.

According to the Russians, he refused to go to the proposed transaction, however, the “Agent” said that “they will come”.

The following conversation with the “Agent”, according to Nikulina, was held on 7 February 2017, that is, after trump took the position of President of the United States. This time the Russians allegedly offered in exchange for the decision of the problems connected with the charges to take on and hacking the Democratic party.

“You must say that you broke Clinton mail that you prepared and entered in the democratic network and the polls on the orders of Putin, you will call the names of accomplices agree with extradition, but in America we will solve all the issues, will live in the apartment and we all you provide,” — explained Nikulin a new proposal, “Agent”, from which the Russians, according to him, refused again.

According to “the Present”, in February 2017 Czech media confirmed that the FBI questioned Evgeny Nikulin in the presence of the Czech police, while the accused was asked about his possible accomplices in Europe.

Czech authorities arrested the Russian Evgeny Nikulin in October 2016, followed by Russia and the United States simultaneously filed a request for his extradition. The U.S. justice Department accuses Nikulina breaking into and damaging the computers of companies LinkedIn, Dropbox and Formspring and the aggravated theft of personal data.

The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova called the detention of Russian “is another evidence deployed by US law enforcement of hunting for Russian citizens around the world.” She also stressed that Russia is actively working with the authorities of the Czech Republic to prevent the extradition of a Russian citizen in the United States.

Today, may 11, in the Pankrac prison in Prague, held a visiting session of the court, which will decide what kind of party should be granted leave.