The new President of South Korea was moon Jae-In

The representative of the “Democratic party” moon Jae In won the presidential election in South Korea. According to the Agency Yonhap, citing the national election Committee of the country, he enlisted the support of 41.1% of the vote (13.4 million) citizens.

For the conservative “Korean freedom” hon Joon PHE voted 24.03 percent, Ahn Chul-soo from the center-left people’s party gained 21.4 percent.

Before the announcement of the official results, moon Jae-In said that “to build a new nation. Great Korea, proud of Korea. And I’m the proud President of a proud nation.”

Moon Jae-In, who by a small margin in the previous elections lost earlier removed from the post of President Park Geun-Hye in 2012, criticized the previous administration for what they are unable to stop the development of the North Korean missile program and nuclear weapons. He was in favour of bilateral policy dialogue while maintaining pressure and sanctions.

Park Geun-Hye was removed from office and later arrested on charges of involvement in bribery and abuse of power. The reason for the scandal was a fortune teller and a close friend of President Choi sung-SIL. She is accused of pressure on dozens of major firms with the purpose of transfer of their money in two non-profit Foundation. In case of figures, the sum of 77.4 billion won ($65.6 million).

It is assumed that in the detention center, Park Geun-Hye will hold a few months, while continuing litigation.