Trump fired the Director of the FBI

The President of the United States Donald trump fired the FBI Director James Komi. According to Reuters, citing a White house statement, the President listened to the advice of the attorney General and Minister of justice, Jeff and Roman sessions.

Trump is accused of Komi in the “inability to effectively lead” the FBI. “It is very important that we find to the FBI, the new leadership that restores trust and confidence in the vital mission of the Agency”, — says the letter of President to the former Director of the Department. It is reported that the search for candidates for the position of new Director “begins immediately.”

According to the White house, Komi abused their powers, independently closing the case against Hillary Clinton of any unauthorized use of the private e-mail server.

Komi became the head of the FBI at last President Barack Obama in 2013, he fully intended to fulfill its 10-year contract. He led the investigation against trump on the subject of the alleged “relations with Russia.” Rival trump in the presidential race of 2016, Democrat Hillary Clinton said that the Komi Republic responsible for her defeat, as reported on the new investigation against her for 10 days before the election.

On March 5 the New York Times, citing senior sources in Washington reported that FBI Director James Comey has asked the U.S. justice Department to publicly refute or explain trump’s words, accusing his predecessor of Barack Obama listening to his telephone conversations during the election campaign. According to the publication, the demands of the Komi Republic related to the fact that the statement trump casts a shadow on the FBI. Later, the press Secretary of the President Sean Spicer rejected the assumption that the President of the United States Donald trump is not supported FBI Director.

May 3, trump said that “Comey was the best thing that ever happened to Hillary Clinton, that gave her the opportunity to make a lot of bad things! False story about trump and Russia were the pretext, which the Democrats used with the aim to make excuses for defeat” — the President wrote in his Twitter.