Putin told about the fate of the Russian nation in case of defeat in the war

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the defeat in the great Patriotic war would have for the Russian nation is much more dire consequences than for the peoples of Europe. The head of state expressed on Tuesday, may 9, at the solemn reception in the Kremlin on the occasion of Victory Day, reports TASS.

“The fact is that if our country suffered a terrible tragedy and we, like many European countries, would suffer defeat, then we would have waited quite a different fate than the enslaved countries of the European continent. It was a matter not only of the existence of our country, the case was the existence of our people as an ethnic group”, — he stressed.

The Russian leader noted that this information was contained in “documents of the Nazi party and the fascist state, which are still stored in the archives.” “Those who would not engage in the slave trade, they were subject or just physical destruction, or relocation to remote regions without any infrastructure and would be doomed to gradual extinction,” he added.

In this regard, the President urged always to remember “the sacrifices of our people on the altar of victory”.

At the end of his speech, Putin thanked the veterans for what they “crush the perfidious enemy” managed to “dot” in the war against Nazism. The President then proposed a toast: “to the winners, and for peace in our land, for great Russia!”, and drank with the crowd. The broadcast of the event led channel “Russia 24”.