The movement of the Makron will call “Forward, Republic of”

The movement of the Makron will call “Forward, Republic of”

PARIS, may 8 — RIA Novosti. The presidential movement, which is planning to create supporters of Emmanuel Macron on the eve of parliamentary elections in June will probably be called “Forward Republic”, declared on Monday that Christophe Castaner, the official representative of movement “Forward” of Emmanuel Macron.

Macron, who won, according to the interior Ministry, in the second round of the presidential elections in France from 66.1%, said yesterday at a festive rally of his supporters at the Louvre that since Monday will start making the most of around its motion for participation in the parliamentary elections. He urged voters to support this project.

“”Go ahead, Republic” we think a beautiful goal… It would definitely be the name of the presidential majority, which we want to create to Emmanuel macron has set in motion a political project, said Kastner the TV channel BFMTV, answering the question of how can be called a future political force.

“We want the most, which will include representatives of the Socialist party, the Republicans, the centrists, but also it will be at least half of the candidates from civil society”, — said Kastner.