Emmanuel macron became the youngest President of France

Emmanuel macron became the youngest President of France

PARIS, may 8. /Offset. TASS Dmitry Gorokhov/. The founder of the non-partisan movement “On the March” (En marche!), in the past the Minister of Economics and investment banker, Emmanuel macron on Sunday won a convincing victory in the presidential election in France.

According to the interior Ministry, published in the night after counting 100% of the ballots, he was supported of 66.06% of voters — in total, the Macron voted 20.7 million of the French.

His rival, the leader of “National front” marine Le Pen got 33,94 percent of the vote. All your voices in support gave over 10.6 million French — for the “National front” this is a record for all history of participation of its candidates in the presidential election.

The total turnout in the second round amounted to 74,62%. In this case is 6.33% of voters (3 million people) dropped in the ballot box blank ballots, not wanting to vote for any of the candidates. More of 2.24% of the ballots (1.06 million) were declared invalid.

In the history of the Fifth Republic, established over half a century ago by General Charles de Gaulle, 39-year-old macron will become the youngest head of state. On the way to the heights of power, he however managed to make a successful career in private business and in public service. Less than a year he managed to establish his own political movement and turn debut in the victory.

Small homeland — Amiens

The President-elect was born 21 December 1977 in the North of France, in Amiens, famous for its canals and Cathedral, which can accommodate many more parishioners than any other Church in the Republic, including Notre Dame de Paris. In classical literature the birthplace of the winner of the election went to the psychological novel of abbé prévost’s “history of the Chevalier des Grieux and Manon Lescaut” (1731). The characters first meet in Amiens.

Emmanuel Jean-Michel, frédérique macron — so completely the sound of his name — comes from a family of doctors and family ties is associated with the French school.

He is the son of a physician, neurology Professor Jean-Michel Macron and medical consultant of the Social insurance system Francoise the Nougat.

New French leader married his high school teacher, who led the theater group, which he enthusiastically attended. In his book “Revolution” (Revolution) he formulated a life ideal: “to Live the life that I chose, along with the one I love”.

Originally from Amiens, Brigitte Tronie 24 years older than the wife (she was born April 13, 1953). She teaches literature at the Jesuit College in the elite of the XVI district of Paris. In the election campaign, the new first lady of France, helped the satellite. The macron, who had never run for any elective office, was able to successfully prepare for hours and hours of speeches at the rallies.

Election day the couple spent the family nest — Le Touquet, Northern French resort, where their vacation home. Polling station — coincidentally — located in the same Bridal salon, the walls of which in October 2007 the lovers entered into their Union.

Policy needs accurate account

The winner of three very prestigious diploma. Its universities have become Paris-Nanterre (master of philosophy), capital Institute of political Sciences, as well as a smithy of shots of the French political Olympus of the Strasbourg national school of administration (ENA). It is the latter and opened the way powerful the General Inspectorate of Finance.

On a talented young financier pointed prominent economist and politician Jacques Attali. A former adviser to the first President, socialist Francois Mitterrand, he gave his younger colleague, great advice and excellent recommendations.

Change rooms — the habit of Macron. Of financial inspection he moved to the Rothschild Bank, where in 2010 became one of the managers. Before returning to the civil service in 2012 managed to earn 2 million euros. “Stay Makron in the Bank, — said his colleague françois ENRO, he would be one of the best financiers in France and in Europe.”

In Berlin with zipper

Soon, the young banker was invited to the team as economic Advisor to the Deputy-the socialist Francois Hollande, who decided to run for the presidency of France. The Union was successful. The threshold of the Elysee Palace macron, thus, first crossed five years ago, on may 15, 2012, as Deputy head of the presidential administration. And under very dramatic circumstances.

On the day of the inauguration of the new President at the Elysee Palace, recalled the magazine “Puan” (Le Point), he had to accompany his boss in flying in a visit to the Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel. About five o’clock in the evening after the inaugural celebrations, Hollande and the party proceeded to the Berlin military airport Villacoublay. But after four minutes after takeoff air force one was struck by lightning. The head of state and escort had to return to the airport to change the plane and go to your German colleague with a big delay.

People close know of Macron, saying that he’s superstitious. So, it essentially avoids the number 13: never assign to this hour a business meeting and always pre-recounts sitting at the table. But the story of the lightning however was causing him only a smile today.

Counselor, Minister, candidate

The time that chose him has been difficult. Europe was experiencing financial turmoil. Paris and Berlin often it was difficult to come to a common denominator. The young counselor thought that his boss lacks decisiveness in reforming the European economy. In his eyes the President is too much time spent with the press and has not been often cautious in their statements.

The Makron is much more impressed by the “vertical of power” as seen by de Gaulle, and the state nemnogosloven Francois Mitterrand. In July 2014 he decided to leave the Elysee Palace to start their own business. But in August returned to the team, taking Hollande’s proposal to head the key Ministry of economy.

In office he earned a reputation as a liberal. The Minister of economy argued for balance in public finances and free play of the market.

His most notable initiative was the development of the law on ensuring of business activity and equality of opportunity. “I saw the limits of our political system — he admitted to journalists. — She pushes for compromise at the last moment”.

Neither to the right nor to the left

In the spring of 2016, he announced in Amiens about creating your own non-partisan movement “On the March”, in French the title of which are hidden in the first letters of his name and surname. His campaign, he opened in December with a performance at a rally at Porte de Versailles in Paris. The candidate, who spoke without notes for over 1 hour and 45 minutes, addressed the audience at the beginning of the rally almost hamlet’s question: “are you Ready to change France?”.

At the time, macron participated in the exchange program “Young leaders” operating at the Franco-American Fund. In 2014 as Deputy Secretary-General of the Elysee Palace was invited to a meeting of the Bilderberg club, which is 130 influential politicians in the USA, Europe and Asia.

He does not consider his “post-partisan” movement neither to the right nor to the left. “Our project — to enter the twenty-first century, to make it successful in a changing world,” he explains.

The criticism of classical politics

By the French political scientists, Makron professes the form of soft populism. Turning directly to the people, he rejects the “decrepitude” of classical politics and its parties.

When he was a Minister he made one of his remarkable statements.

In an interview with the business newspaper “Eco” (Les Echos) the head of the Ministry of economy said: “We need young French who would like to become billionaires”.

Last summer he spoke out against the ban on wearing the veil in French universities, to dissociate themselves from the line of Manuel Valls, who headed the Cabinet of the socialists. “I don’t think we need to invent new laws to prosecute those who would like to maintain during academic classes distinguishing signs of his religion,” he said.

To go to the polls, the politician decided, when he became convinced that “to spend real reform can only be a President.” He did not believe that bears political responsibility for the past five years. “I was neither the President nor the Prime Minister”, — he reminded.

In foreign policy

For external course of Paris Makron yet spoken with reservations. “European policy will allow us to engage in dialogue with Russia, — he noted, for example, in one of his statements during the election campaign. — But to say not to forget that we don’t share the same values.”

In his speech after winning the election he stated that France should be at the forefront of the fight against terrorism.

According to his former colleague in the Bush administration Aquilino Morel, those who did not anticipate the rise of Macron, “just naive.” “I met him in 2012, said Morel, But never doubt the power nor the limitations of his political ambitions.” According to him, a young, ambitious, came from the world of Finance, the politician is convinced that the old political world is collapsing and the French will claim it.

“In France opens a new page,” said macron after his election victory. As reported from different sources, the transfer of power to the new President will take place on may 14.

Immediately after the inauguration of the Makron will have a new campaign. Already on 11 June in France will be the first round of elections to the National Assembly. While the sites in this lower house of Parliament controlled by the two main parties, which do not belong to any one of the candidates. But to govern, the President must own parliamentary majority. This task, say the opponents, and the allies Rules, it is hardly less difficult than that which he had already decided.