RT correspondent told about his detention in France

RT correspondent told about his detention in France

In France, during protests after a victory on presidential election of Emmanuel Macron were arrested RT correspondent Charlotte Dubno. She announced this in his Twitter, reports RT.

“The police are still keeping me somewhere in the Northern suburbs of Paris. Where freedom of the press?”, — posted by Dubno.

Police still holding me somewhere in northern suburbs of Paris, where is the freedom of the press?

— Charlotte Dubenskij (@CDubenskij_RT) 7 may 2017

According to TV channel, the journalist was broadcast with the Eastern outskirts of Paris where clashes of protesters with the police. Militiamen detained Dubno, kept in a police van “for 10-15 minutes” and after she drove somewhere “about 30 minutes”, said the TV channel.

Some time after the detention of the correspondent on Twitter said that he had been released after “questioning translation” and “security”.

Protests began in France after the presidential elections of 7 may, which were won by the candidate from the centrist party Emmanuel macron. According to the French Ministry of the interior, for it gave their votes 64.8% of French. His opponent, marine Le Pen scored 35.1 percent of the vote.

As reported by the newspaper Le Parisien, protests were held in the North-East of Paris. Police used tear gas against them.

Also protests were held in the cities of Grenoble, Poitiers, Strasbourg, Lyon, Nantes and Montpellier.