In Saudi Arabia, the subject was not allowed to name your daughter after Ivanka trump

In Saudi Arabia, the subject was not allowed to name your daughter after Ivanka trump

KUWAIT city, may 8. /Offset. TASS Pavel Prokofiev/. A citizen of Saudi Arabia, Salem al-Anzi decided to name the recently born daughter after one of the daughters of US President Donald trump Ivanka. When you try to register the name of al ANSI was met with stiff refusal.

In responsible organs he said that by law, cannot assign a young Saudi nationals. According to the decree of 2014, the Ministry of interior of Saudi Arabia regulates names of Saudi newborns cultural characteristics and religious norms of the Kingdom, so in that case, if the name is of foreign origin, it is automatically rejected.

A new father, however, was not going to abandon the plan and said he would continue to call his daughter Ivanka in the family. The principled position of the Saudi citizen has caused a flurry of criticisms from users of social networks of the fair sex. They accused al-ANSI arbitrariness and disrespect for his wife.

At the moment, “Saudi Ivanka” as the girl has been nicknamed the “evil tongues”, is in the education of the mother-in-law of al Anzi living in the town of Arar in the North of the country. It is reported that the girl decided to call the poetic name of the Lom, which can be translated from Arabic as “the woman with beautiful lips”.

35-year-old Ivanka is the eldest daughter of the 45th US President Donald trump’s first marriage to model is Czech-born Ivana Zelnickova. Previously released her own line of jewelry, shoes and accessories. Ivanka actively helped his father run a campaign, including taking part in campaign rallies and public speeches.

The new occupant of the White house on may 23, will begin his first foreign tour with a visit to Saudi Arabia, which the Kingdom give special importance and I think this visit is historical.