In Ukraine, explained why going to do may 9 working day

In Ukraine, explained why going to do may 9 working day

MOSCOW, may 8 — RIA Novosti. Director of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory (winp) Vladimir Vyatrovych explained the Agency’s initiative on the transfer of the day from 9 to 8 may need to “educate the young generation”.

This Ukrainian expert wrote in a column for the publication “Apostrophe”.

Viatrovych expects that next year the day in Ukraine will take from 9 to 8 may. From his point of view, such a transfer will be a continuation of the campaign “the reformatting of the old Soviet holidays” for the younger generation.

To persuade older people, almost all of his life in the USSR, it makes no sense, but it is necessary to prevent the revival of Ukraine “Soviet traditions” in the future, said the head of the Institute.

In his opinion, Ukraine “quickly got rid of the Soviet and Russian symbolics in the form of St. George ribbon” and the Ukrainian society is ready for further modification.

2015 may 8, Ukraine celebrates the Day of memory and reconciliation in solidarity with European countries that celebrate this day the surrender of Nazi Germany.

Earlier, the Ukrainian Institute of national memory, presented a bill to repeal Ukraine’s three national holidays: International women’s day (8 March), International workers ‘ day (may 1) and Victory Day (9 may).

May 9 marks the 72nd anniversary of the Soviet victory in the great Patriotic war. On this day in Kiev is scheduled the action “Immortal regiment”. Ukrainian nationalists from the organization “Volunteerism OUN” (an extremist organization banned in Russia) declared that they are going to disrupt the procession and to conduct its own campaign called “Death regiment”. The security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has promised that he will not allow provocations.