The public chamber of the suspected Source in the madness because of the new clerical ban


RIA Novosti

Public chamber member Iosif Diskin, who heads its Commission on harmonization of interethnic and interfaith relations, called “crazy” the next proposal of the Deputy of the state Duma Vitaly Milonov, this time aimed at the recognition of the criminal offence criticism of heads of traditional faiths.

Today said Milonov, he has already sent its initiative for examination to the Ministry of justice: “insulting the head of the religious current — be it Christianity, Islam, Judaism, or Buddhism for millions of people is a serious offense and a crime, said her Deputy. In some cases, such an evil act may even provoke civil disobedience or riots”.

In his opinion, “unfounded” criticism of the bishops of the Church should be considered extremism and encroachment on the constitutional order of the Russian Federation.

In response to this proposal Diskin, quoted by RIA “Novosti”, previously spoke about the proposal Milonov, said that “what makes Milon — it’s crazy.”

The expert noted that such a proposal is unacceptable in a secular state, which under the Constitution is Russia, and in addition, does not consider “serious debate” within the Church community.

According to Diskin, the idea of a Milanova benefits for society and peace and harmony and are aimed primarily at his own PR.

Recall that consistent critic of the Patriarch is, in particular, one of the most famous Russian theologians Andrei Kuraev.