Banksy has depicted the EU flag without one star

Banksy has depicted the EU flag without one star

An English artist in the style of street art Banksy had painted in the British city of Dover on the facade of the EU flag with 11 gold stars. On Sunday, may 7, the newspaper The Independent.

Representatives of the artist confirmed that the authorship of the graffiti belongs to him. Photos of work on a drawing published in Instagram account of Banksy.

According to the Independent, the reason for the image of the flag without one star became protracted Brexit.

Dover, England.

Publication from Banksy (@banksy) on May 7 2017 6:40 PDT

The decision to withdraw Britain from the EU was adopted on the results of the referendum of June 23, 2016. The rejection of EU membership was supported by more than half of voters.

March 28, 2017, Prime Minister Theresa may has signed a letter notifying EU authorities of the formal start of procedure Brexit. Negotiating this process will take two years.

3 may it became known that the UK refuses to pay for Brexit 100 billion euros. According to France and Germany, that is how much the United Kingdom has the EU based the assumed long-term liabilities. Britain is ready to pay not more than three billion.

Banksy is the pseudonym of the English underground artist, street art, whose identity is not known. Banksy graffiti began to appear on the streets since the early 1990-ies. Currently, his work is estimated in millions of dollars and significantly increase the value of real estate, hosting, so their damage qualifies as vandalism.