The Krasnoyarsk schoolgirl has called in the police because of a phallic tattoo on his chest

The investigative Committee shall verify information about the incident with the appearance of minors in Krasnoyarsk tattoo in the shape of a phallus. To the police the girl and her mother went along, said on Friday, may 5, REN TV.

According to the publication, in late April, the 13-year-old girl was at a party where friends got a tattoo on her breast.

Earlier in social networks there were photos where you can see how the Breasts girls put a tattoo of a penis. At the same time retain some young people. According to statements of other parties teenage parties, she drank large dose of alcohol, and insisted that her stuffed indecent pictures.

In mid-March, the investigators launched an investigation after the recent online video in which a 15-year-old girl and young man having sex. Students who attended the party, sent pictures and video to her parents.