On Novy Arbat in Moscow because of the fire were evacuated 30 people

In the center of Moscow there was a fire, in extinguishing the fire which was evacuated for 30 workers. This was reported in Twitter of the Metropolitan emergency Department Russia.

In the night of Saturday, may 6, at 03:33 in operational duty shift of control Center in crisis situations received a report about the fire at New Arbat street, building 15, where there is the administrative building of construction company “capital group”.

Was the fire insulation of ducts and cables in a box on the 14th floor of an office building in the area of 15 meters.

4:36 the fire was liquidated. At the scene worked for 29 units of firefighting and rescue equipment and 101 personnel.

Information about victims did not arrive.

According to preliminary data, the cause of the fire could be spontaneous combustion of the old wiring, said TASS press-Secretary of “capital group” Olga Baskakova.

In the night of Saturday in Moscow there was another major fire. On the ground floor of a 40 storey apartment building on Union street lit up the cables. Evacuated 77 people, nine were injured.