Wanted ex-Governor was going to be treated abroad for another month

Mikhail Yurevich

Former Governor of Chelyabinsk region Mikhail Yurevich plans to continue treatment outside of Russia at least until June 6. This was announced by the former assistant official Julia Bobyleva, RIA Novosti reported on Friday, may 5.

“Yurevich will be abroad in the clinic until June 6 before this time will last his treatment,” — said Bobylev.

According to her, the doctors do not give accurate predictions about whether the ex-Governor to return to Russia after the specified date. Bobylev said that “everything will depend on his state of health”.

The assistant also added that has no information about the announcement of the former Governor in the international search. “The relevant documents from the investigating authorities, we did not. Wasn’t this information on the official websites of the Investigative Committee of Russia,” she said.

Earlier on Friday, the lawyer of ex-Governor Igor Trunov said that Yurevich declared in the international search. Question about the arrest in absentia, which insists the investigation, the court of Yekaterinburg will consider may 12.

In early April, Trunov said that Yurevich passes additional surveys in London, after which it will become clear whether he will continue previously started treatment in Israel or return to Russia.

About excitation of criminal case against Yurevich became known in mid-March. According to investigators, during the work of the Governor he received a bribe in the amount of 26 million rubles from the regional Minister of health, as remuneration for the appointment.

Yurevich headed the Chelyabinsk oblast in 2010-2014 and left the post with the formulation “at own will”. Then tried to run for the state Duma, but was disqualified from the race for providing incomplete set of documents.