In Antalya killed Russian tourist

In Antalya killed Russian tourist

ANKARA, 5 may — RIA Novosti, Alain Palazhchenko. General Consulate in Antalya confirmed the death of Russian tourist Anastasia Zakharova, told RIA Novosti Consul Alex Ivanov.

According to him, Zakharov died in a parachute jump in the area of Babadag mountain in the resort town of Fethiye, in southwest Turkey.

“She lost control of the parachute and dropped from a great height,” — said the Agency interlocutor, adding that the Consulate General is in contact with local authorities to ascertain the details of the incident.

“In the case of the family, we can issue the death certificate and assist you send the body to Russia. This is standard procedure. While none of us on this issue is not addressed,” — said Livanov.

As noted by the Consul, this is not the first accident with the paratroopers in Fethiye.

Informed about the death of 26-year-old Russian woman reported the Turkish media. According to preliminary data, she confused the parachute and the backup parachute didn’t open. She fell into the sea with a 40-meter height. Called to the scene and medics took her to the hospital, but to save her failed. Fethiye Prosecutor’s office launched an investigation into the incident.