U.S. military advisers killed in Somalia

In Somalia killed a military adviser of the United States. About it reports on Friday, may 2, Reuters.

He was seconded to one of the departments of the Somali national army. It is known that he was killed from small arms, other circumstances of his death were not disclosed. Two more American soldiers were wounded.

“It is all necessary medical aid, — has assured a press-the Secretary of the African command of the U.S. armed forces Robin Mack. No further information about their condition we currently do not have”.

The Somali Republic ceased to exist as a unified state in 1991 after the fall of the regime of dictator Siad Barre. In the eyes of the international community as the sole legitimate power in the country is the Federal government, under his direction, is Mogadishu and several surrounding areas. The remaining parts of Somalia are controlled by the unrecognized entities or represent the self-governing regions.

The United States assisted Federal government, which is struggling with a terrorist organization “Al-Shabab”, the Somali branch of “al-Qaeda”.