The DPRK accused the United States and South Korea attempted assassination of Kim Jong-UN

Kim Jong-UN

Pyongyang said on preventing the assassination of country’s leader Kim Jong-UN, which was prepared American and South Korean intelligence agencies. The corresponding statement of the Ministry of state security of the DPRK issued a Agency KCNA.

As stated in the document, the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) and the intelligence Service (SR) of South Korea entered into a conspiracy to prepare an attack on the top leadership of the DPRK.

“The murderous demons of the CP and the CIA recruited a North Korean citizen named Kim, who worked in logging in the Khabarovsk region, Russia in June 2014, and by indoctrination turning him into a terrorist filled with disgust and revenge Supreme leadership of the DPRK,” the statement reads.

As follows from the text, originally it was planned that during one of the events, Kim will put in action the explosive device, resulting in die North Korean leaders. But later the plans changed: the elimination of Kim Jong-UN decided to hold with the use of highly-toxic biochemical substances.

It is reported that the agent was transferred 20 thousand dollars and a satellite. In August of 2016 Kim was instructed to collect information about the places of mass events, which will be Kim Jong-UN. To buy accomplices spy gave more than $ 100 thousand, as well as detailed instructions for the execution of the attack.

As was revealed and neutralized the alleged killer of the North Korean leader, is not specified.