The onf reported on the problems with the implementation of the President’s instructions

Vladimir Putin

Activists of the Russian popular front (onf) keep on monitoring the performance 179 of the orders of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. This was stated by the head of the Executive Committee of the organization Alexey Anisimov at the joint meeting of the state Council and the Commission on monitoring of achievement of key indicators of socio-economic development of the country on Thursday, may 4, reports TASS.

“Of these, we believe that 35 is executed, and 44 are not fulfilled 100 — fulfilled partially and need to be improved”, — said Anisimov.

Speaking about the program of resettlement from dilapidated housing, the representative of the popular front stressed that some subjects will not have time to implement it by September, and “get weird”. “For example, now start to buy poor quality housing on the secondary market or hastily take home unfit for living,” he said.

Anisimov also spoke about the system of independent quality assessment of sozluk. He said that the authorities had failed to make it “an effective mechanism to improve the quality of services”. The test results of the onf showed that rating often does not coincide with the opinion of the people.

Earlier Thursday, the government published the results of the execution of the may decrees signed by President Vladimir Putin in 2012. In it, according to the Agency, noted that more than 50 of the 218 associated with the implementation of the may decrees of the orders remain in operation. The Cabinet has fully complied with 165 orders.

In 2014, the popular front prepares the conclusion on execution of President’s instructions, including on the basis of the analysis of government reports.