Kim Jong UN urged the military to be prepared to destroy South Korean “puppets”

Kim Jong-UN

Select the artillery staff of the Korean people’s army, covering the South-Western front, must be in a state of full combat readiness and in case of receipt of the order to completely destroy the South Korean “puppets.” As reported by KCNA, said the North Korean leader Kim Jong UN during a visit to the garrison on the island of Jangada.

Supreme commander of the kPa acquainted with developed a new plan of fire attack on enemy targets.

Reportedly, Kim Jong-UN expressed satisfaction with the state of the garrisons on the Islands of Jangada and Mudo, military personnel training and living conditions.

The leader of the DPRK reminded of “the heroism of troops” on the nearby island of Yeonpyeong, which came into artillery fire with South Korean army in November 2010 which became the largest armed incident since the armistice.

North and South Korea since 1950 are officially at war, however, active hostilities are not conducted since 1953.

The political situation surrounding the Korean Peninsula remains tense. The United States expressed dissatisfaction with the implementation of the Pyongyang’s missile and nuclear programs. In Washington said that their strategy against the DPRK is aimed at putting pressure on Pyongyang to force it to abandon these programs. To achieve its goals the United States are going through tougher sanctions. At the same time, as noted, the United States is open to negotiations.