In addition, in the TFR after verifying the purchase of the aircraft “Mail of Russia”

Russian Prosecutor General’s office confirmed that it had sent materials on the purchase of “Mail of Russia” two Tu-204 aircraft to the Investigative Committee, reports TASS.

“These materials were indeed sent by prosecutors to the investigating authorities”, — said the Agency official representative of the Supervisory Department Alexander Kurennoy.

In a press-service of “Mail of Russia” reported that the purchase of two haul aircraft conducted in full compliance with the requirements of procurement legislation, including agreed with the Ministry of communications.

On the Prosecutor General’s office inquiry into the purchase of aircraft was reported in January.

“Mail of Russia” in December of 2016 has launched the transportation on their own aircraft Tu-204, which was named in honor of Peter I and Catherine II. Currently operates flights to Russia, then the aircraft will fly also in the countries of East Asia.

The operator acquired the aircraft in “Ilyushin Finans Ko” (IFK) for 3.4 billion rubles in August last year. The company explained that the cargo ships needed primarily for the delivery of parcels from China. Later, the head of “Mail of Russia” Dmitry Strashnov said that the company may expand its fleet in 2017, if the experience of operating the first aircraft will be successful.