On the autobahn near Munich has faced two passenger buses

Archive photo

On the Expressway near Munich, an accident involving two buses and four cars. It is reported Focus.

The accident resulted in minor injuries and injured several people, mostly children, who were in one of the machines. At the scene working rescuers and doctors.

Highway closed to traffic.

25 April in the center of the Polish city Zavada (łódź Voivodeship) overturned bus with tourists from Belarus.

According to the press-Secretary of the local police Department Adam Kolasa, just the car was carrying 41 passengers. The group was returning from a tourist trip to Prague. The accident injured 18 people. With different injuries were hospitalized in the nearest hospitals.

Four days earlier in South Africa at least 17 students were killed in a road accident in Mpumalanga. The bus in which there were children, went off the road, overturned and caught fire.