A powerful forest fire began near the Japanese nuclear power plant “Fukushima-1”

The Japanese nuclear power plant “Fukushima-1”, archive

In the exclusion zone around the emergency atomic power station “Fukushima-1” broke out a large forest fire. It is reported by NHK.

According to the channel, the fire covered about 20 hectares adjacent to the plant site. Fire fighting of about 240 rescuers used a specially equipped helicopters. While these efforts have not yielded results: from-for a strong wind the flame continues to spread rapidly.

On 2 February it was reported that the results of the survey of the second reactor the Japanese nuclear power plant “Fukushima-1” is recorded lethal levels of radiation. The intensity of radiation is 530 sievert per hour (dose of 20 SV leads to instant death).

March 11, 2011 was the strongest ever Japan earthquake. For tremors of a magnitude of 9.1, recorded off the East coast of Honshu island, followed by tsunami. Natural disaster caused the accident at the NPP “Fukushima-1” where has failed cooling system of reactors. This has led to breach of containment buildings and radioactive contamination of the terrain. The area around the station has left about 300 thousand inhabitants, as a result of the disaster and the subsequent accident killed 18 thousand people.