Skvortsova was glad to reduce the number of drunks in the may holidays

The Russians began to choose to stay in more cultural activities, said the head of the Ministry of health Veronika Skvortsova. On Thursday, may 4, reports TASS.

The Minister made a speech in the Kremlin during a joint meeting of the state Council and presidential Commission on monitoring of achievement of target indicators socially-economic development of Russia. Answering the question about the increase in the number of calls to the emergency room in may holidays, Skvortsova also noted that the Russians were less likely to use the services of doctors.

“Our people are much more cultured to relax, play sports, roller skate, to play sports. Such an emergency, we often seen in a drunken state, — a fight, an accident — it becomes less,” she said.

In April it was reported that the Ministry of health suggested that bottles the maximum allowable daily dose of alcohol in milliliters. The relevant paragraph is contained in the Department of strategy of formation of healthy lifestyle of the population by 2025.