The head of the FBI has called Russia the greatest threat to democracy

James Compradorian: the White house said the “main threat” to democracy, the head of the FBI

The head of the Federal Bureau of investigation United States (FBI) James Komi said that Russia continues to meddle in American politics and provide a safe haven for cybercriminals. These words were spoken during the hearings in the Senate. The video fragment of speech published in the Twitter the journalist NBC Bredda Yaffi (Bradd Jaffy).

Bradd Jaffy (@BraddJaffy)
03 may 2017, 15:38

Senator from the Republican party Lindsey Graham asked the FBI the question of Russian interference in American politics, and Komi responded to him positively. He added that Russia is “the greatest threat among the Nations of the Earth” for the democratic process.

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Shortly before the presidential elections in the U.S., the project WikiLeaks has published tens of thousands of documents, under the General title “letters Podestà” (John Podesta, the head of the election headquarters of Hillary Clinton). The dissemination of these data, the candidate from Democrats has accused Russia, but Moscow denies any involvement.