The white house said the “main threat” to democracy, the head of the FBI

Sean Spicer

Press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer commented on the statement by FBI Director James Comey, who called Russia “the greatest threat among the Nations of the Earth” for the democratic process, reports on Wednesday, may 3 .

At a regular briefing, journalists asked Spicer, equals whether the U.S. President is the Donald trump of Russia to the “biggest threats.” “I think it’s the FBI perspective,” — said the official, adding that the head of state trusts the information provided by the secret service.

At the same time, TASS, quoting Spicer, indicates that trump is considered a serious threat to the United States and its allies North Korea with its nuclear capabilities.

Earlier, on 3 may, the head of the FBI James Komi said that Russia continues to meddle in American politics and provide a safe haven for cybercriminals. Senator from the Republican party Lindsey Graham asked the FBI the question of Russian interference in American politics, and Komi responded to him positively.

Shortly before the presidential elections in the U.S., the project WikiLeaks has published tens of thousands of documents, under the General title “letters Podestà” (John Podesta, the head of the election headquarters of Hillary Clinton). The dissemination of these data, the candidate from Democrats has accused Russia, but Moscow denies any involvement.