False Creator “Kung fu Panda” was sentenced to two years in prison

False Creator “Kung fu Panda” was sentenced to two years in prison

MOSCOW, may 4 — RIA Novosti. Animator Jamie Gordon, posing as the Creator of the characters and story of the cartoon “Kung fu Panda”, were sentenced to two years in prison and ordered to pay three million of legal costs, the newspaper Guardian.

In 2011, 51-year-old Gordon filed a statement of claim of copyright infringement, stating that the film company DreamWorks stole the characters and the story they created. He demanded from the company payment in the amount of $ 12 million. DreamWorks refused to settle the dispute this way, and the litigation dragged on for two years, legal fees have cost her three million dollars.

Previously, the multiplier really created the figures and wrote the history of the pandas, but, as stated, the prosecutors, his works were almost similar to the famous cartoon. After the release of the trailer for “Kung fu Panda” Gordon corrected her works and the date of their creation, and for its history came up with the name “Sila Kung fu Panda”, thought the accusation.

DreamWorks later found out that Gordon copied some of his sketches from the drawings in the coloring book with cartoon characters “the lion King”, released by Disney. He deleted evidence from his computer, the affidavit reported false information, said the prosecutors. In November, Gordon was found guilty of fraud and perjury.

According to the newspaper, the verdict, Gordon was announced at a difficult time for Hollywood. Previously, the Disney Studio was involved in similar litigation because of accusations of stealing ideas for a movie “Zeropolis” and a series of films “pirates of the Caribbean”.