In Russia will create the equivalent of a green card

Multifunctional migration center

The Ministry of communications is developing a Russian equivalent of a green card on which Russian-speaking foreigners will be able to find a job in Russia. On Thursday, may 4, the newspaper “Izvestia”.

Called ID is “map of the Russian compatriot”, it is planned to issue foreign highly qualified specialists. With this initiative, the Ministry initiated the project “Digital economy”.

Specifically for the project it is also planned to develop a system to assess the qualifications of the applicant. 25 April for approval to the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of foreign Affairs and Ministry of economic development was sent the preliminary version of the program.

That in the state Duma started thinking about the preparation of the draft law on the Russian equivalent of the American green card, was reported in late January.

Currently coming to work in Russia must obtain either a migration card for a period of three months, or work the patent, which is valid for not more than a year. They also have to pass a comprehensive exam on the Russian language, the basics of history and law.

In the U.S. green cards are issued to people who are not citizens of the country, but constantly living in its territory. This certificate confirms that a person has a residence permit and the right of employment in the territory of the state, also the owner of a document is much easier to obtain a U.S. visa. Every year the us government conducts a lottery in which plays a certain number of green cards.