Mei announced the termination of activities of the Parliament of great Britain

Mei announced the termination of activities of the Parliament of great Britain

After 36 days, the country will choose a new government and a new Prime Minister.

LONDON, may 3. /Offset. TASS Maxim Ryzhkov/. The current composition of the house of Commons of the British Parliament ceased operations. This was announced by Prime-Minister Theresa may at the conclusion of his visit to Queen Elizabeth II, at a meeting at which was agreed the issue of the dissolution of the lower house of Parliament in connection with the conduct of 8 June early General elections.

The Parliament formed in 2015, has now completed its work, and after 36 days, the country will choose a new government and a new Prime Minister.Teresa Maglawa the UK government

According to may, whoever wins the upcoming election, he will face the paramount task of achieving the best for the UK agreement talks with the EU authorities about the terms Brexit.

May during the special treatment in front of his residence on Downing street in connection with the official dissolution of Parliament accused Brussels of trying to influence the results of the early parliamentary elections in the UK.

“The UK’s position in Europe was presented by the continental press in a distorted form. The negotiating position of the European Commission tightened. From the mouths of European politicians and officials have made threats,” she said. “All of these actions were deliberately carried out in such a moment to affect the results of the General elections, which will take place on 8 June,” said Mae.

The past few days has shown that whatever our aspirations and how reasonable may be the position of other European leaders, in Brussels, there are people who don’t want these negotiations to succeed, to the Kingdom flourished.Teresa Mypremier Minister

She assured that London continues to seek to conclude a mutually beneficial agreement with the EU, but warned that doesn’t neglect the option in which to achieve the deal will not work. “We continue to believe that for the UK the lack of agreement is better than a bad deal. But we want to conclude an agreement, we want close and cooperative relations with the European Union and want the EU have succeeded,” — said the head of the British government.

A few days ago in the German press appeared an article which, citing people close to the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, said that he had criticized last week in London negotiating with may. As has informed the newspaper FAZ, after a meeting in the British capital Juncker reportedly said: “I am leaving Downing street, being configured in 10 times more skeptical than when I entered”.

On may 3, the British newspaper Financial Times reported strengthening the position of Brussels in relation to London. According to the newspaper, the EU required the UK to pay up to €100 billion ($110 billion) in the framework of negotiations on Brexit. British Minister for Brexit David Davis has not confirmed that amount, however, warned that London would not pay the EU a similar amount.

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