German “hunters” refugees appeared before the court

Four “hunters” refugees from the German city of Walbran appeared in court charged with the murder of men. It is reported Min Rundfunk (WDR).

According to prosecutors, four of the alleged perpetrators 1 September 2016 together drank alcoholic beverages. From an unknown source it became known that on the streets the girl was subjected to sexual harassment. They armed themselves with a baseball bat and brass knuckles and went “hunting.” Several times they had come into fights with groups of refugees, but those usually ran.

In the end they met Klaus B., 40-the summer native of Kazakhstan, at the time of the meeting, he also used alcohol. According to WDR, the man already knew his attacker. The intruders attacked him, preventing escape, and was beaten, not stopping even after the victim fell.

The man received a severe head injury and died in hospital nine days later. He is survived by his wife and two children. Four men aged 19 to 35 years old was accused of causing grievous bodily harm resulting in death of the victim. The court will issue a verdict in the case on June 30.