“Too annoying” vegan made of Swiss nationality

Nancy Holten

“Too annoying” Dutch-vegan, which was twice denied Swiss citizenship, still received the desired passport. On Tuesday, may 2, reports The Independent.

Nancy Holten (Holten Nancy) was born in the Netherlands, but moved to Switzerland at the age of eight and lived in the village Gipf-Oberfrick. In 2015, she filed a petition for citizenship and received the approval of local authorities. At the same time 144 of 206 of the villagers voted against it, citing its excessive intrusiveness.

Holden has also held public campaigns against local customs: she advocated a ban to tie the cows, the bells around their necks and offered to cancel one of the favorite activities of local residents — pig races.

For this reason, residents Gipf-Oberfrick considered Holten poorly integrated in Swiss society. Having been refused a second time, the woman appealed to the authorities of Canton, who took her side in the conflict and gave her citizenship.

Holden has promised to continue her campaign for animal rights.