Francois Fillon announced his retirement from politics

Francois Fillon announced his retirement from politics

The former candidate for presidents of France from the “Republicans” françois Fillon has decided to temporarily retire from politics, according to TV channel BFM TV.

“I’m leaving… I will become an ordinary fighter among other fighters,” — he said at a meeting with voters and party members in the Paris House of chemistry. Also Mr Fillon said he was not going to participate in the elections to the National Assembly, which will be held in the country in June.

The ex-candidate, speaking about the upcoming may 7 second round of presidential elections, urged the voting, “common sense”.

“The program of the “National front” in the economic sphere will inevitably bring ruin to France,” he said. Mr Fillon called for unity in the ranks of the Republicans, saying that “the right-wing and centrists — we confess the same values, and only they have the sense to protect them.” “We must remain United, standing for Parliament, each under its own flag. You have to fight for their ideals and beliefs, and not for reclining seats in the National Assembly,” he said.

We will remind, on April 23 France was the first round of presidential elections. Francois Fillon took the third place. Reaching the second round candidates — the head of the movement “Forward!” centrist Emmanuel macron, and the leader of the right “National front” marine Le Pen, simultaneously promised to “unite all the French” and now tries to enlist the support of the maximum number of supporters of those politicians who on April 23 was eliminated from the competition.